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Alright folks, so it has been an interesting week full of friendly parrots, baby tortoises, and Sikh priests. A handful of big life decisions are wavering on the horizon, ever threatening and always exciting, and I've fallen in love with the book 'The Buddha Walks into a Bar...' by Lodrzo Rinzler. Right now the rain is cascading down the window beside me and my keystrokes are softly accompanied by the sounds of Dorian Finch. But wait. This post isn't about any of these things... Not at first. In this post I will start by introducing something I learned of a few months ago.

a suspicious otter, to ease us in to the next topic

This something I speak of sounds really boring at first. It revolves around the idea of creating for yourself a list of Ten (or more?) Ethical Commandments, which basically means a list of the values you uphold the most. That's boring, right? Yet we all have this bizarre, yet strongly adhered to, list of stuff we just live by. Oddly enough it seems to be something unwritten and untouched; however the act of defining those little moral things you love so much can make you feel a lot more focused and happy as an individual. It is an experience that makes you feel lighter.  But really, do you know what's most important to you as you go out and eat, touch, talk, drink and other such things? I challenge you to try and write your own list. Think about the things that are most important to you. Is it being honorable? Is it being honest, gentle, noble, or even just being generous enough to tip your waiter? Whatever those things are, pinpoint them. Cherish them, and go back to them as time goes on. The first step is to go ahead and make the unwritten written.

As for myself, defining what makes my list is something I am rather... well... untalented at. Naturally, the contents are the inherent things I just carry with me, the vague, formless ideas that push my sense of right and wrong, that sway my opinions and help shape my decisions. They are the things I strive for and, even if I don't always uphold them as well as I could, I have the awareness and drive both of and behind them. You may find the same thing. Nonetheless I've been working on my list and so far it comes down to three basic things:

1. Compassion
2. Self-Discipline
3. Discernment

Cool stuff. I speak of disciplining the mind and therefore making proper actions and sound judgments, all with pure and kind intent. All of the possible rants alongside? They will be posted not too long after this.

On the other hand, let's go back to the top.

If you're in the Kelowna area or just passionate about parrots, their rescue, and upkeep, check out 'Parrot Island.' You can go hangout with some pretty sweet birds. They also have parrots up for adoption.  Might I add that the owners of these parrots are clean professionals, with the main caretaker having studied parrots in the wild for ten years?

Lastly, before I am off to sleep, if you have any interest in Buddhism head on over to this site. It's about modern day Buddhism in a fast paced culture. It's also about to launch a super interactive community and the beta is free, so check it out!

Now I must be heading out! Good night, all!

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