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The past two months have been a bit wild, guys. There have been a lot of huge changes, a lot of being busy, and a whole lot of figuring things out. I live by the coast now, wandering and dreaming in the downpours of an early winter by the ocean. Everything smells good, everything looks lovely, and all I want to do is absorb all the possible experiences I may encounter. It's a bit of a confusing journey, but all the best ones are. Let me touch on the past month or two.

1. I dropped out of college. The decision was terrifying and exhilarating and monumental to who I am/was. There was shaking and crying and laughing and soaring and soaring on the beauty of making a fundamentally correct decision. It might have been one of the best choices I have ever made. Actually, it was one of the best choices I've ever made. It's not everyone's thing, but so it goes.

2. I moved away. I packed up the room I've loved for the past 16 years... And left. As many can relate, a childhood bedroom can be a best friend. The history it holds is rich and deep! Friends, family, pets, first times, last tries. It was about time to start new, hey? There was one night I was just sitting in my room, the incense burning and my mind still, and I just started crying. Eventually time slipped away and I started smiling, warmed by a sudden knowledge that it was absolutely time to go and that (no matter one's surroundings) home is wherever you are and whatever you want it to be. That revelation sure made things better. That's just what people do, you see: make things okay. I guess what I mean to say that moving wasn't so bad... In fact I think I'm more than okay, because progression is constant and things are always just a little confusing, as they should be.

It has been an interesting run and things are just beginning to gain momentum! I'll get back to my Ethical Commandments like in my previous post, but, to wrap this all up, here's an awesome list of awesome things.

- Books, Songs, & Little Things -

Hooray, covers!

I'm reading a book by a man named Ivan Illich. It's called "Tools for Conviviality", and it uncovers the flaws, spawned from excessive growth and movement, in our current societal structure. It also happily presents a logical alternative. You can read it online for free, my friends, if you click right here.

I haven't been able to keep my head away from the song Broom People by the Mountain Goats. Nostalgia wanders on through the headphones, even on the first encounter. For a feel that's quite different than my usual taste, leaning more on post-hardcore I suppose, give The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die a try.

Hooray, small publications!

In the mood for some interesting merchandise or an awesome magazine? This site, 'Pioneers Press' offers zines, magazines, patches, shirts, books, stickers, and a whole ton of other little things to bring with you. I actually picked up a zine called 'The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Bad Motherfuckin' Sad' at Spartacus Books. I plan on ordering a few other things though, and I encourage you to at least browse through their stock!

Thanks for reading my rambles, all! Much love!

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