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flower crown

How It's Sort-Of Done

- Take less than ten dollars and head to your local dollar store!
- Go ahead and buy as many fake flowers as you want. Mix and match colours, sizes, you know how it goes.
- Make sure to buy either floral wire or something containing floral wire (you can take it apart). Also get some ribbon or a chain.
- Twist the floral wire all together very tightly. Next, you can bend it to your desired crown size.
- I wrapped my creation in ribbon and in the end touched up the loose bits with super glue. Be careful of the possibly bloody combination of skin and glue. Blood stains (probably) aren't an addition you want to your crown. Anyway, I knotted some ribbon at the ends of my crown and let the rest trail to tie behind my head.
- Play with the flowers and leaves and, when you have an idea of what you're doing, cut them how you'd like.
- I ran wire through my flowers and then twisted the wire around my crown. If they had loose stems I would wrap those through the ribbon and around the crown as well.
- It may be a good idea to wind extra wire around your creation. It's very pretty, and helps keep things in place.
- Touch up those little loose bits with super glue and you're good to go!

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