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delicate things

Summer time... The sun is shining and the sweat is pouring. The heat has been a little bit overwhelming, but I refuse to complain. I've spent my week stargazing, playing on playgrounds late at night, creating presentations in the sun, and working on some photo stuff. As for right now? Right now I'll show you all about flower crowns and then I'll showcase some of my favourite photographs captured by others.

1. DIY Creations
The other day I went for some delicious drinks with a girl I graduated with. It was full of laughing and talking about adventures and everything in general. In the end we surprised ourselves by ending the day in the park, making flower crowns on the peeling boards of an old bench. It was pretty fantastic. Here's how mine turned out:


2. Photographic Inspirations
As you all know I'm a big fan of photography. My camera is currently under repairs in another country and I'm going through shutter withdrawals! Nonetheless, I find a lot of my inspiration in the work of others. Here are a few amazing photos from photographers (street photographers!) that I'd like to share. If you want to see the image larger please click on the caption.

Unknown Source

I couldn't find the photographer of this anywhere. It's cute though, and the irony is appreciated!

Aldo Beltrame, 1957. 

There is a delicate line between eerie and ethereal and, to me, this photo rides that fine edge beautifully. It seems as if these children have never once moved since this photo was taken.

Another artist lost to Tumblr. 

I love Tumblr, but it has a tendency to not credit its sources. I can't help but love this image anyways.

Cafe by Nikkr89 on Flickr

A simple, every day scene. Perfect, yeah?

3. Final Notes
Well, that's about it, guys! It's time for you to go make some pretty little things, perfect for shoving on your head. I'll leave you with some awesome music and let you go on your way. Thanks for reading! :)

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